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Microsoft SharePoint


We enable collaboration through the Microsoft’s SharePoint Collaboration Platform for Enterprises and Web. We help enterprise clients create rich networks of interaction and communication across private Intranets and the Web. Our SharePoint Solution empower you to communicate effectively to make better decisions with timely information, and free up your teams from geographical constraints. With social sharing and discussion capabilities, we help you create innovative ecosystems of collaboration that deliver business results.

Our Document Management Solution supports the contribution, structuring and distribution of enterprise content in a controlled and secured environment; for it enables you to:

  • Increase productivity and reduce time to process documents by automating business specific document flows.
  • Provide document routing, enable ad-hoc workflows, and design advanced document centric workflows with the Web-Based workflow designer.
  • Provide in place lifestyle, documents and records management policies, using the document profile feature.
  • Create and maintain multiple enterprise filing plans, using templates, or build dynamic file plans based on metadata, thus creating enterprise taxonomies on the fly.
  • Ensure the integrity and traceability of content
  1. SharePoint Intranet
    • SharePoint Marketplace
    • Custom SharePoint Portals
  2. Document Management System / Enterprise Content Management System
    • Scanning Solution
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Barcode Detection
  3. Digital Asset Management System
  4. Knowledge Management System
  5. Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
    • Capture all project requests within a central repository and manage them using governance workflow
    • Prioritize, optimize, and select portfolios that best align with business strategy
    • Manage resources throughout the project lifecycle
    • Easily create and communicate simple and complex project schedules
    • Control and measure project and portfolio financial performance
    • Simplify the collection of time and task status updates from team members
    • Better connect disparate teams to share information and drive collaboration
    • Identify, mitigate, and communicate issues and risks that could affect project success
    • Effectively measure performance and gain visibility and control across all portfolios
  6. Meeting Workspace
    • Minutes of Meeting
    • Agenda
    • Attendees
    • Assign Tasks
    • Reports
    • Actions
    • Committees
    • Ad hoc
  7. Correspondence Tracking System
    • Easily create, manage and track internal or external correspondence.
    • History and audit trail of all correspondence.
    • Correspondence archiving & viewing.
    • Users can create and assign tasks in response to correspondence.
    • E-mail notification to users of new correspondence, changes, or assignments.
    • Route incoming or outgoing internal correspondence between users or departments.
    • Create correspondences from predefined templates.
    • Comprehensive Version Control.
    • Barcode Insertion & search in Correspondence.
    • API based integrations with external system can be included.
    • Digital Signature.
    • Customizable Forms and Workflows.
    • Customizable Reports using PowerBI.
    • SMTP, Scanner
  8. SharePoint Health Check Report/ Support